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in the last two weeks I have been using the new presets from Color Foundry, the CF Chard and I have great news about them because I’m really impressed about them.

I have been testing the presets in Lightroom with a variety of photoshoots we did in the past. I’ve tried it with city photoshoots, nature photoshoots, weddings and I came to a conclusion that this preset is super easy to use and fast on workflow process and it’s ready for all kinds of light and/or situations you might find. By using my Loupedeck I edited my photoshoots superfast and saved lots of time.

If you love warm tones and absolutely beautiful skin tones, this is preset is for you. I would use these presets mainly with golden hour photos taken on a beach or moutain. Places with dry leaves, beach sand and creamy tones are the best options to include on the compositions and will add to the photo that amazing warm effect that Chard gives to his photos. Color Foundry and Chard really nailed it when they created more than one preset on this collection. This means that you have solutions for church cerimonies , details photos, reception place lights. This will allow you to use this preset on all moments of a wedding for example. We all know how diferent light changes throughout the day.

In Nature Photoshoots I loved the tonning and the warm feeling it provides to the photos. Both low and highlights have amazing tone and contrast that makes our subject stand in the composition. Below you can see before and after examples:

One other thing I like is that this preset will not change completly the natural colors of the skin or clothing. This allows you to have natural but at the same time different color tonning on your photos.

Have a look on some more before and after examples:

The B/W options provided are also amazing. I really love a photo with nice contrast but not to much contrast. This mood delivers you more powerfull photos and will for sure cause more impact on your social media posts.

Have a look:

You can have these presets on this link to Color Foundry:


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